Javier de Mendoza



The concerns that shape me as an artist and as a person are linked to social, political and emotional issues, which I feel the need to share and capture in a format that, in my opinion, is not only permanent, but also beautiful, expressive, interactive and with great visual importance.

As an artist, I feel the need to materialize the concepts I want to convey in a three-dimensional way. It is more important to me the connection and the bond that is generated between the person and what they can touch and see from all angles, with what they can connect on a physical level. That is why I consider it essential not to limit my work to the visual sense, but to extend it also to the touch, the temperature, the visual weight and the contour that the work removes from a space.

My works are characterized by being contemporary figurative sculptural works. All contain a theoretical load, a narrative that seeks the viewer's reflection and participation on a personal level, as well as coherence with the social and temporal environment for which they are intended.

I consider the quality of the work as fundamental as the reason why it is done and the objectives that are set with each work, because the ultimate goal is still its dissemination, so that my work reaches where I intend.

In most of my works I use the technique of modeling in clay and printing in resin or other final material, which varies according to the destination of each work, since I seek an aesthetic finish, both chromatically and at the level of textures, which is what gives it a consonant formalization.

Art as passion. Sculpture as life

Next exhibitions:

Sant Pau del Camp’s Monastery

c/Sant Pau 99, Barcelona

May 26 to June 18

Collective exhibition “The Angels of ICRE”